Animated Explainer Video Pricing Guide - Cost for 1 minute
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Animated Explainer Video Price Guide – Cost for 1 minute

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If it’s your first time getting a video for your business, you’re probably wondering about the animated explainer video price. There are many options with very different prices. Understanding the differences between the several options and figuring which better suits your needs is difficult, but we’ll try to make it easier for you.

The animated explainer video depends mainly on 3 factors:
– Video length
– Animation quality
– Customization level

So, the first question you should ask is, how long should the video be? In this post we’ll consider a length of 60 seconds. It is a common length for explainer video and a good reference point.

You can expect to spend around two thirds of that value for a 30 second video. If the video is longer than 60 seconds like 90 or 120 seconds, the price per minute should be lower.

To breakdown the different explainer videos price ranges, we divided them in 4 levels, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

First Animated Explainer Video Price Range – $50 to $150

At this price point you have two options:

Produce the video using a Do-It-Yourself solution

You can produce your own business animation video by purchasing a suitable animation template on a marketplace like videohive.

With basic knowledge you can edit the template texts with your message on a software like Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere. Changing the colors to suit your brand should be accessible. Still you need to consider that if you have zero experience, it will probably take several hours to produce your video. The software cost for something like Adobe Premiere is around $36/month with a creative cloud subscription.

This option is better if you already have some experience or want to learn more about video editing tools. Otherwise you may spend a lot of time or end up with a sub par result

A second option is to use an accessible video animation platform such as Powtoon, Vyond or RawShorts and take advantage of the pre-made scenes, templates and character sets. If you never produced videos before you’ll have an easier learning curve on these easy-to-use platforms than on a complex software like After Effects.

Hire a freelancer to do the job

Instead of producing the video you can also hire a freelancer to perform the job, a freelancer will probably use one of the platforms/templates mentioned above to produce a nice video. The freelancer will probably produce a more appealing video due to his experience. He might also use one of the online animation platforms mentioned above. For a short term, low-cost solution, this option is probably the best option for you.

You can find freelancers for this price range on Fiverr by browsing the “Whiteboard & Animated Explainers” category. You can also post a job on Upwork and receive proposals tailored to your request.

The main downside of this price range is the little customization as most edits involve just changing text and images. Sellers at this price range can’t do much more.

If you have an early stage business or idea and your budget is tight, this price range can be the best option. It won’t get you very far but might be enough to test your concept and get you started. Not suitable for paid marketing but at this level you probably don’t have budget for ads.

This level can be good for personal projects, non-profit initiatives or just sharing your idea in video format.

This is an example of a customizable template:

This is an example on another type of video you can get in this range, the whiteboard video:

There are higher-end whiteboard videos, this example is a very simple one that you can get in this price range.

Second Price Range – $150 to $650:

At this price level you find higher quality animation videos. While most still rely heavily on already made templates and online platforms, animators at this level provide a higher level of customization, better animation and overall more engaging videos.

One way to make the most of your video is to hire an experienced script writer separately. Specially at this and the previous levels. The problem is that the animators at this price range may be fulfilling several roles related to the video production. Script writing may not be their strongest hat and an engaging and clear script will determine your video’s success.

The animated videos from this price range still aren’t suitable to paid marketing. It can be great option for a personal project or a very early business. You could use it to show on your website and on social media, focusing on organic traffic.

You can easily find animators at this range on the online marketplaces mentioned above. Below there are 2 examples of videos in this category:

Third Animated Explainer Video Price Range – $650 to $2000

Here you enter the realm of videos made with more complex tools such as Adobe After Effects. Created by the hands of specialized animators. Your video will probably be made by a small team instead of just 1 person. The different roles can be: script writer, voice artist, illustrator and animator.

The video will still rely on some sort of image library. Although, the outcome will be much more customized in terms of character movements, scene compositions and overall look. The end product is more visually appealing, the animations are more engaging and your brand style and colors is faithfully represented.

If you have an established or early business and a marketing budget, this price range is the place for you. You can find professionals on this level or by looking for video animation studios on Google. 

This is the range for us, Grow Animation Studios, our video animation company. Our prices per minute range from $850 to $1300. Varying with the animation style and complexity. You can check a breakdown of our animation styles here.

To give you an idea of what we can produce, these are 3 samples of different animation styles:

Fourth Animated Explainer Video Price Range – $2000- $5000

This is the range for bigger companies with a distinguished brand image in need for a 100% customized animation with a unique style. Therefore, the animations are more fluid and the overall look is incredible.

Your brand will be carefully studied, and all assets are created from zero to reflect your brand identity. The team that produces the video will be made up of several persons. This includes multiple Illustrators and Animators. Besides the previously mentioned roles, there can be a Marketing Director, Creative Director and Project Producer.

If you have an established brand with an unique identity and can afford it, surely this level should provide the highest results for your paid marketing. We put a $5000 cap on this level but you actually go as far as $20000 per minute for even more detailed projects made with bigger teams.

These are 2 samples of the quality you can expect at this level:

For any price range you can also browse freelancers/companies on google or look for local companies.  One last factor that’s worth mentioning regarding the video cost is the delivery time. Faster deliveries can have an extra cost. For example, a delivery time of 3 weeks is normal for this kind of work.

No matter the price you settle to purchase business animation videos remember. More important than the video cost, is the results it can generate for your business.

You can learn more about our services here. In addition, you can learn about other subjects here.

As always, if you have any questions you can contact us via our website or email:

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