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NGO Animated Explainer Videos about Medical Relief, Humanitarian Aid, and Climate Change

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At Grow Animation Studios we’ve produced several NGO Animated Explainer Videos for different organizations including Doctors Without Borders (Médecins sans frontières). The themes range from volunteer programs, health education campaigns, climate and humanitarian conferences, and medical support during COVID-19. In this post, we share some examples of completed projects, production insights, cost estimates, and customer reviews.

Project 1 – Doctors Without Borders Sweden (MSF Sweden)

The first project belongs to the Swedish division of MSF. The goal of the video is to show the aid the organization provided in the Southern Africa region during the COVID outbreak. The project also included video editing. Besides animation, there was also footage of video testimonials from involved personnel and pictures of the medical wards.

The backgrounds and characters represent the countries and populations that received help. There were several video calls during the process to discuss the video content and the best way to represent it. We coordinated with different persons from the MSF Sweden organization to collect materials from different sources. Below you can find two produced scenes.

Project 2 – Global Stocktake 2023 – NGO Animated Explainer Videos

The second project presents the Global Stocktake 2023. It is an important climate conference focused on islands threatened by rising water levels due to climate change. The animation acts as an alert about the climate impacts that threaten the existence of several island states. The video also details the method to keep track of collective progress towards the Paris Agreement goals.

Before producing the animation we presented several character choices to represent the local population. In the video, we follow three generations of one family. This is designed to show the rise of the water level through time. We received the voice track from the client, recorded by a local from Trinidad and Tobago. You can check the video below.

Project 3 – Doctors Without Borders Berlin (MSF Berlin) – NGO Animated Explainer Videos

The third project belongs to the German division of MSF. The video was presented at the International General Assembly of MSF in 2023. Its goal is to present the citizen’s assembly methodology adapted for MSF. It is a way to bring together members of MSF from around the world together to debate the present and future of the organization.

As you can see in the images below, the characters represent diversity. Since the client had budget constraints, we proposed this character’s style due to its cost-effectiveness. Due to the fewer details, the production cost is lower. The project also included editing testimonial videos from participants. The final video also has a French version, including a professional French voice narration.

Project 4 – Malteser International – NGO Animated Explainer Videos

Malteser International is the company behind the fourth example, an international humanitarian aid organization. This video presents a program for an international roster of expert volunteers. The program provides humanitarian assistance in countries affected by a disaster or crisis. Besides detailing the program requirements, the video also describes the type of work to be performed on the field.

The scenery, characters’ appearance, and outfits represent Southeast Asia. While the narration does not specify a type of humanitarian aid, the water logistics support, and flood relief were selected to be showcased due to their commonhood. We were also responsible for producing the professional voiceover. Below you can check the final video.

Project 5 – Doctors Without Borders Sweden (MSF Sweden)

The fifth project belongs to the Swedish division of MSF. It is comprised of 5 episodes that follow Behruz, a boy from Tajikistan who contracts tuberculosis. The goal of the videos is to educate the Takjik population about tuberculosis regarding its causes, treatments, and consequences. It aims to break established myths about this disease and show how MSF supports the local population in fighting this issue.

To produce the video, the MSF team shared several references in terms of clothes, house interiors, and overall scenery. The characters speak in the first person. We received voice narration for each character in the story. Locals recorded the voice narration in their native language. We used an English transcript to be able to produce the animation synced with the narration. You can see two scenes of the video below.

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Animation Production Cost

Regarding the animation production cost, it ranges from $1250 to $1950 per minute of animation. The main factor in determining the exact cost is the animation style. An animation with a more standardized style has a lower cost in contrast with a more unique and personalized style.

Still, there are some ways to reduce this cost such as taking advantage of text-only scenes or increasing the amount of footage. Editing footage has a much lower cost than producing animation, the same goes for the text scenes. No matter your budget, we’re usually able to find a solution that works for you. We’ve written a post detailing how to reduce the explainer video cost.

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