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Is it your first time using video animation services? If so, it is helpful to understand the animation production process.

This post breaks down all the steps for you.

Other companies might have different processes. However, they should be similar. For our video animation company – Grow Animation Studios, this is how we produce animated videos.

Video Animation Services - Interview
Video Animation Services – Interview Phase

Initial Interview – Online Video Animation Services

The first step of the journey to produce your animated video is the interview. You can make it via messaging or video call, according to your preferences. 

The goal of this step is to understand your business. Some questions are:

What is your industry? What are your goals? What’s the message you want to convey? What’s the target audience?

Besides that, you should provide visual references for your brand colors and style. They are crucial for brand-consistent animation. In addition, if you have animation references, you should send them over too.

Furthermore, we discuss the video aspect ratio. The aspect ratio should fit your goals and video placements.

You can check this guide. It teaches you everything you need to know about screen aspect ratios.

We then calculate the quote. The main factors are the animation style and the video length. If the video animation cost works for you, we then move on to the next step.

Video Animation Services Script Storyboard
Video Animation Services – Script and Storyboard

Script and Storyboard


The script is the narration text. The one read by the voice-over artist during the video. It is the content of your message. This content can be delivered by text instead of narration. Showing the full text on the screen. It should be noted that this option can be suitable for social media. There, videos are played without sound.

If you already have a script, we can use it to produce your video. Plus, we’ll review it and provide some suggestions if we find them relevant.

Whereas if you don’t have a script, we can write it for you. We’ll take the information collected in the previous step to craft an enticing script. It will be reviewed by you and improved with your feedback.


The storyboard is the visual description of all animation scenes.

Before producing it, we discuss the animation style, characters, and colors. Our goal for the visual proposal is to find a style that suits your brand design.

If you already have a storyboard, we can certainly follow it. Suggestions are provided if relevant. Alternatively, if you don’t have a storyboard, we can produce one using the chosen characters and style.

Video Animation Services - Voice Over Recording
Video Animation Services – Voice-Over Recording

Voice Over Selection

At this stage, we’ll send you several samples of voice-over artists for you to choose your preferred one. We select the voice samples to send according to your desired language, gender, and accent.

We work with voice-over artists from around the world. Thus being able to provide any language or accent needed.

The most common language is the United States English. In addition, we’ve produced videos for Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. We’ve also already produced several videos for European countries. Examples are Germany, France, Portugal, and others.

Video Animation Services Animation
Video Animation Services – Video Animation

Explainer Video Animation Services

At this time, we take everything collected before and decided together. With it, we’ll produce the animation video.

This step is usually longer as it takes a lot of work to fully animate the scenes. The duration of this step depends on the video length. For us, a 1-minute video takes an average of 10 days. The required time changes according to the current workload.

Once we create all the animations, they are synced with the voice-over and background music. Finally, we move to the revisions.

Video Animation Services Revisions Approval
Video Animation Services – Revisions and Final Approval

Revisions and Final Approval

At this time, we collect your feedback. Subsequently, we perform all required changes to the design of the video.

The project ends when all your feedback is implemented and subsequently approved by you.

It is that simple.

Ready to Start with our Video Animation Services?

Animated Video Production – Explainer or Promotional Video

Are you ready to proceed with your video animation production? If so, Grow Animation Studios can help you create an engaging and eye-catching animated video. We deliver any screen aspect ratios you need. Suitable to any platform you desire. You can check our portfolio here and a guide about the explainer video cost here. In addition, you can contact us via

This is our Top 5 Explainer Videos Reel.

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