Cybersecurity Animated Explainer Videos
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Cybersecurity Animated Explainer Videos

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At Grow Animation Studios we’ve produced several Cybersecurity Animated Explainer Videos for different organizations and using different styles. The themes range from data encryption, website vulnerability scanners, video streaming data security, and car fleet network security. Being such a relevant subject nowadays, we expect to keep producing cybersecurity animated explainer videos for innovative services and products. In this post, we share some examples of completed projects, production insights, cost estimates, and customer reviews.

Project 1 – Data Encryption – Cybersecurity Animated Explainer Videos

The first example pertains to Ddots, a promising Startup developing a ground-breaking data encryption technology. The objective of the video is to explain the encryption process called Homomorphic Encryption and its advantages in safeguarding data. Being a complex subject, the video tries to make it easier to understand and present how it can transform the world we live in today.

The graphical style and visual effects convey modernity and reflect the futuristic nature of the process. Ava is the main character and acts as a guiding hand in this world of complex data encryption. The client provided the voice narration, while we were responsible for the background music and sound effects.

Project 2 – Vulnerability Scanner – Cybersecurity Animated Explainer Videos

The second example belongs to Probely, a reputable cybersecurity company. This video presents one of their products, a website vulnerability scanner. Through a scan, it is capable of identifying various vulnerabilities that are compiled into a comprehensive report. First, it lists the vulnerabilities along with their priority. Then it also provides step-by-step instructions on how to solve them.

The goal of the video is to present and explain the needs, benefits, and features of their cybersecurity solution. Through a graphical version of the interface, the video explains several software features in an engaging way. With graphical simplifications, the software structure is easier to assimilate. It also allows for a more dynamic animation where different interface sections are animated separately.

Project 3 – Car Fleet Network Security

Argus is the company behind the third example. It presents a solution to ensure network security for today’s electric vehicles. The target is automakers looking to mitigate cyber vulnerabilities in their fleets. It also helps to maintain compliance with current regulations. Plus, it takes advantage of big data and machine learning to provide insights about existing solutions.

As in the previous example, the video presents the software using graphical simplifications. The color palette was selected to fit with the brand and existing marketing materials. The characters belong to our Standard Style, still, their facial features were personalized to fit the target demographic. The employee uniforms also include the company logo and follow the selected color palette.

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Animation Production Cost

Regarding the animation production cost, it ranges from $1250 to $1950 per minute of animation. The main factor in determining the exact cost is the animation style. An animation with a more standardized style has a lower cost in contrast with a more unique and personalized style.

Still, there are some ways to reduce this cost such as taking advantage of text-only scenes or increasing the amount of footage. Editing footage has a much lower cost than producing animation, the same goes for the text scenes. No matter your budget, we’re usually able to find a solution that works for you. We’ve written a post detailing how to reduce the explainer video cost.

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