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Best Explainer Video Length – How long should an Explainer Video be

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Let’s talk about the ideal explainer video length. There are many reasons to take advantage of animated explainer videos. The number one is the powerful engagement they can generate for your business. As a result, explainer videos are the standard choice for some companies to reach their audience.

At the same time, producing an explainer video is a significant investment. Thus, it is crucial to get a good return on that investment. The best way to do it is to have viewers watch the whole video. Then, some will perform the call to action, generating your desired results. Therefore, the first question is:

How long should an explainer video be?

If this is your first explainer video, a generally good starting point is around 60 seconds. In 60 seconds, you can fit from 140 to 160 words. A one-minute explainer video is effective in delivering the basic video structure. Identify the problem, present the solution, explain how it works, and finally, have the viewer act on it.

Below, you can find two examples of 1-minute animated explainer videos we produced:

Consider this a general rule for a marketing explainer video. If you want to include more information in the video, you can go up to 120 seconds. In word count, this means up to 320 words. You need to identify your particular case and the ideal length for it

We’ll try to help you find it. To do it, we need to consider the purpose, the content, and the delivery platform.

Marketing Explainer Video

The majority of the explainer videos we produce at Grow Animation Studios are used for marketing. The ideal length for this type of video can range from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. To make it simpler let’s start from the bottom.

Explainer Video Length
Explainer Video Length

0-30 Second Explainer Video Examples

Short videos with up to 30 seconds can bring great results to your marketing campaign. Due to their shortness, the message goes straight to the point in explaining your offer.

These videos can be effective in generating interest in your business. The call to action for short explainer videos aims to take the viewer to your platform. Once there, the viewer can learn about your proposal in detail and make a purchasing decision.

In a video of up to 15 seconds, you can include 1 or 2 sentences. The sentences can quickly state your offer and call to action. On a video between 15 and 30 seconds, there is extra space. There, you can better convey your offer details. Another option is to start the video by quickly addressing the pain points you’re solving.

Social media platforms are the best place to deliver these short ads. There, users are casually browsing and not in buying mode. As an example, a story video ad on Facebook can last up to 20 seconds.

With a short ad, you can use the few available seconds of the viewer’s attention to present your offer. Aim for an enticing message, appealing video, and efficient targeting. That way, you can spark interest in a slice of the viewers. That interest can result in a visit to your website or platform to find detailed information. Below are two examples of short explainer video ads we produced in this range.

30-60 Seconds Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos with a duration between 30 and 60 seconds are still considered short. To give you an idea, you can fit a script between 75-150 words in them.

There are several ways you can take advantage of the extra time. One way is to start the video by explaining the pain points that affect your potential customers. This structure can grab their attention in hearing about your solution during the rest of the video.

You can also use the extra time to showcase your offer benefits. A possible outcome is an increase in users who perform your desired call to action.

These videos can be great for your marketing campaign. Still, they may not be as suitable for social media ads as the shorter ones. Your website or YouTube ads are the best places to deliver animations in this range. Another option is TV commercial ads.

Below are 2 examples of explainer videos we produced in this range:

60-120 Seconds Explainer Videos

This range is the standard when people think about explainer videos. It’s an ideal length for a comprehensive marketing explainer video. It gives time to present the problem, introduce the solution, explain it, and show the steps to get it.

You can use this time to show how your platform works. As a result, it becomes more familiar and easier to jump on. There is inherent attrition when learning to use something new. Curbing this attrition makes users more eager to try your solution.

Another good way to make use of this time is to establish your reputation. You can present credentials to prove your expertise, show off past success, and even customer testimonials.
All these points are crucial in building trust. As a result, your viewer is more likely to make a purchase decision.

Explainer videos of this length have several applications. The most common is your product or service website. The video is a great tool to introduce users. Then, they can browse the website sections with better knowledge about your offer.

Another application is organic posts on social media platforms. The individuals who already follow you are more eager to take the time to learn about your offer details. A longer explainer video can provide the incentive to move forward with a purchase decision.

Below you can find two examples of the discussed explainer video length:

2 to 5 minutes Explainer Videos

It is good practice to keep animated marketing videos under 2 minutes. Still, there is a place and reason for longer videos. We’ve identified three instances where longer animated videos are a perfect fit.

The first case is tutorial animations. Their goal is to teach viewers how to use your platform. They have a clear advantage. Reading instructions is boring when compared to engaging animations. The longer format is not problematic since viewers want to learn your processes. The concern is to explain everything they need to know.

The second case is training animations. These animated videos are targeted at your current employees instead of potential customers. Again, they are more effective than written guides, making your training more successful. The length here is determined by the amount of content you want to convey.

The third and last case is crowdfunding animation videos. Opposed to regular marketing animations, they have a longer length. The longer length comes from the need to establish trust in the team and project. An emotional connection is essential for the viewer to pledge.

This is a longer video we produced that is part promotional and part tutorial:

Ready to get your Explainer Video?

No matter the length you settle for your explainer video, Grow Animation Studios is here to help you. Just contact us using the form below. You can check our portfolio here. You can understand the price ranges for explainer videos here, or how our services work here.

We’re ready to produce an engaging and eye-catching animated explainer video.

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