Crypto, Blockchain, and AI Animated Explainer Videos
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Crypto, Blockchain, and AI Animated Explainer Videos

Grow Animation Studio 

At Grow Animation Studios we’ve produced several Crypto Animated Explainer Videos along with videos related to Blockchain and AI. The themes range from AI Crypto Insights, Cryptocurrencies Trading, and Data Encryption. The video’s style is Animated Explainers and Motion Graphics. There are no examples of Video Footage editing but that is an area we want to explore further. Besides video examples, you’ll also find cost ranges and customer reviews.

Project 1 – AI Crypto Insights – Crypto Animated Explainer Videos

Dexed is the company behind the first example, an AI Startup developing technology for Crypto Trading Insights. The platform takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence to analyze the crypto markets and find the most promising tokens. The analysis also takes into account social media posts to figure out which tokens generate a bigger hype.

The video is comprised of Motion Graphics shown in sync with the background music. This creates a dynamic and exciting presentation. 3D elements add to the excitement when presenting the platform interface. The interface includes both mobile and laptop versions. Various special effects along with the brand’s consistent design create a feeling of innovation and futurism. Although it is the first fully Motion Graphics video we have to show, we’re very proud of the result.

Project 2 – Crypto Trading App – Crypto Animated Explainer Videos

The second example pertains to Trading Profit, a Trading App focused on Stablecoins. It presents an alternative to high-risk token trading, bringing a lower but steadier income. The video format is vertical to be used on social media. Square or vertical videos are required for some social media placements (such as Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts), and recommended for others (such as the feed).

The recommendation comes from the fact that most of the social media traffic is mobile. On mobile devices, square and vertical videos have a better performance resulting from better screen space usage. The length of the video is short, another aspect related to social media usage where videos tend to be shorter. As usual, the design style and colors, reflect the brand style.

Project 3 – Data Encryption – Crypto Animated Explainer Videos

The third example belongs to Ddots, a promising Startup developing a ground-breaking data encryption technology. The video explains the encryption process called Homomorphic Encryption. It is a groundbreaking process that guarantees data security and privacy. This process has several applications related to the Blockchain. Examples are Private Transactions, Smart Contracts, and Compliance. You can find more details on how Fully Homomorphic Encryption is applied to the Blockchain here.

The main challenge while producing the video was making a complex subject easier to understand. At the same time, it presents the various ways how this technology can transform the world we live in today. The graphical style and visual effects convey modernity and reflect the futuristic nature of the process. Ava is the main character and acts as a guiding hand in this world of complex data encryption. The voice narration came from the client, while we were responsible for the background music and sound effects.

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Animation Production Cost

Regarding the animation production cost, it ranges from $1250 to $1950 per minute of animation. The main factor in determining the exact cost is the animation style. An animation with a more standardized style has a lower cost in contrast with a more unique and personalized style.

Still, there are some ways to reduce this cost such as taking advantage of text-only scenes or increasing the amount of footage. Editing footage has a much lower cost than producing animation, the same goes for the text scenes. No matter your budget, we’re usually able to find a solution that works for you. We’ve written a post detailing how to reduce the explainer video cost.

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