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SaaS Explainer Video Price Guide w/Examples – Cost for 1 minute

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Animated Explainer Videos are great for introducing, explaining, and promoting SaaS platforms. Animation makes it possible to present your unique service in a quick and engaging manner. This post describes the SaaS Explainer Video Price for a 1-minute video. We’ll also discuss available options to reduce that cost. To close we’ll two share examples of SaaS animations we produced along with production insights. To quickly understand what we can do in terms of SaaS animation, you can check our SaaS Explainer Reel:

The SaaS Explainer Video Price

Considering a 60-second animation, the total cost for producing a SaaS Explainer Video is between $1250/1750. The main factor in determining the exact cost is the animation style. An animation with a more standardized style has a lower cost in contrast with a more unique and personalized style. There is also the difference between 2D and Isometric animation. Isometric animation is more expensive due to its complexity but can be a great fit for certain themes.

This cost includes a fully animated video with a professional voice-over, sound design, and free royalty background music. It is designed to present and explain your platform in the most engaging and easy-to-understand format. Still, there are some options to reduce the video cost while keeping its effectiveness in attracting your target audience. We’ll explore them below.

Price Reduction Options

Besides the animation style, there is another major influencer in the video cost, the video length. For simplification, we’re considering a 1-minute video in this post but keep in mind that a shorter or longer video will have a very different cost. With this, there are 2 other options to reduce the video cost.

Using Platform Video Footage
Video Footage Example

One option is to incorporate video footage of the platform being used along with the animation. By creating a mix of footage and animation is possible to significantly reduce the cost since editing video takes much less time than producing animation. This option can work well since the goal is to introduce the audience to your platform,

This option comes with a very important consideration. The amount of information shown to the user. It may be the first contact your viewer has with the platform and we need to be careful to not confuse him with overwhelming information. To make the information clear, complex screens should be avoided and the footage should closely follow the narrated message.

In animated videos, we usually take advantage of graphical simplifications. These are aimed to highlight the most important aspects of the platform considering what’s being explained. The graphical simplifications usually substitute unnecessary text lines or secondary platform sections. You can see an example below.

SaaS UI Animation Examples
Using Animated Text Scenes

Another option for reducing the overall cost of the video is to use some animated text-only scenes. Since these scenes are minimal in terms of graphics, they take less time to produce. This allows us to reduce the total cost of the animation. The animated text scenes are intercalated with the fully animated scenes to keep the viewers engaged. Below you can find one example of a text scene.

Text Scene Example

Despite being a text scene, it is not static. The different elements appear with an intro animation, appearing from top to bottom and from left to right. The goal is to present one point at a time and mimic the Western reading pattern. This makes it easier and more engaging to follow the presented content.

To end this post, we’ll share two SaaS Animated Explainer Video examples along with some insights into how they were produced. In terms of tools, the main ones are Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator.

SaaS Animated Explainer Video Example 1- Lead Generation

The first example was produced for Spacescout, a software that helps companies generate and nurture leads. The graphical proposal was created with the space theme to achieve brand consistency. To show the success in acquiring and converting leads a visual metaphor with the moon landing was used. It is the representation of achieving the desired goal.

SaaS Animated Explainer Video Example 2 – Job Application Marketplace

The second example was produced for Zobility. It is an innovative marketplace that connects companies with talent for specific technical skills. The graphic proposal was created to achieve a modern look with appealing characters. The colors were selected from the brand pallet. The project included animated UI elements and logo animation.

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