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Startup Explainer Video Guide with Examples

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Explainer videos are a great tool to take a startup off the ground. With a Startup Explainer Video, you can present your service or product engaging and captivatingly. This is crucial to capture the attention of investors and early adopters.

Famous Startup Explainer Videos

#1 Dropbox

Today’s most popular software services have invested in explainer videos since their early stages. One of the most famous examples is the video below. It is an explainer video produced by Dropbox by partnering with CommonCraft. Today, cloud storage is very well known, but back in 2009, it was a foreign concept.
The video features a unique style through the use of cut-out animation. The style is not very eye-catching but relatable and easy to understand. One aspect where the video clearly stands out is the script.

It uses a metaphor with a common pain to present its solution. Forgetting the wallet and misplacing the keys is something everyone can relate to in terms of disorganization. By comparing this pain with the files on your computer, you clearly understand their main benefit, organization.

The video was an outstanding success, collecting over 25 million views, according to Dropbox on their YouTube Channel. It was a time of incredible growth, reaching 100 million users. The video was not the only reason for this great success, but it was undoubtedly a part of it.

#2 CrazyEgg

Another case of great marketing success for a Startup using explainer videos is CrazyEgg. It was the first popular heatmap tool for websites. It provides a way to visualize how users interact with your website. This is crucial to improve your website navigation and user experience. When done well, it will inevitably increase your conversion rate.

Understanding how the software works and how to use it correctly is complicated. With a very engaging and fun-to-watch explainer video, CrazyEgg made it simple. They chose a high-end animation studio, Demo Duck, to produce the video. The style is funny, the visuals stand out, and the flow keeps you interested until the end.

The result was amazing. To celebrate it, the founder wrote a blog post detailing the outcome. On it, he explained the video increased the platform conversions by 67%. This translated into a monthly additional revenue of $21,000.

StartUp Explainer Video Cost

At this point, you might wonder about the cost of producing a startup promotional. The first consideration to do regarding pricing is the animation and illustration quality. You’ll notice the difference in quality if you check the previous two examples. Dropbox produced their initial video on a budget while CrazyEgg invested in quality animation.

While you can produce great results with a budget video, success is more unlikely. Plus, it works only in the short term. As a business becomes more established, better quality is expected across all marketing materials. Having budget marketing materials affects the perception of professionalism and quality.

To illustrate this, you can find a promotional animation Dropbox released in 2022 below. It now takes advantage of beautiful and engaging animation to present its software benefits:

With this, the price range for promotional animations is very wide. Considering a 1-minute explainer video, the cost can be as low as $50 or as high as $5000. The lower-cost options involve DIY and template solutions. The higher-cost options are high-end animations produced by multiple persons.

You can check our guide on explainer video prices to understand the different price ranges better. Inside you’ll find information about the animation quality for each range. This is illustrated with examples too.

At Grow Animation Studios, the price for a 1-minute animation minute ranges from $850 to $1300. Varying with the animation style and complexity. You can check a breakdown of our animation styles. This is our Top 5 Explainer Videos Reel.

StartUp Explainer Video Length

Regarding the ideal video length, there are important considerations to make. As a rule of thumb, it should be between 60 and 120 seconds. Both case studies presented at the beginning of this post are a bit longer than 120 seconds. They worked, but nowadays, it is recommended not to go over 120 seconds.

This length limitation comes from the fact that it is very difficult to have viewers engaged for that long. If viewers don’t watch until the end, they’ll probably miss the call to action. Without it, the viewers can get lost regarding the next step. Plus, 120 seconds is enough to identify the problem, present the solution, explain how it works, and finally, have the viewer act on it.

To find the ideal length for your video, there are two points to analyze. The objective for the video and the delivery channels. To help you find it, we’ve created a guide about the best explainer video length.

Example #1 by Grow Animation Studios

Resuming the topic of StartUp explainer video case studies, you can find a video we recently produced for TensorLeap below.

This explainer video was produced for a machine learning startup. In this case, applied to the development of autonomous vehicles. Despite the video being under 60 seconds, you can clearly understand the value the startup provides.

The video starts by identifying the problem, the lack of visibility in neural networks. This problem generates errors in testing and slows down development. Then, the TensorLeap platform is presented as the solution.

Animated screenshots show how the platform works in an easy-to-understand manner. With this knowledge, viewers will likely give the platform a chance. They know why the solution is beneficial and have a basic understanding of how to benefit from it.

Example #2 by Grow Animation Studios

Another StartUp we helped by producing an animated explainer video is Curiox.

The goal was to promote an automated cell preparation device in a laboratory. The objective was to produce a lighthearted story with a comical tone. The device’s main selling point is making the scientist’s job more efficient. The animation shows the struggles scientists currently face. Besides that, it shows how the job improves by using the device.

The video is delivered through the Curiox website and YouTube channel. Empathizing with the day-to-day struggles of a lab technician via text is very difficult. Animation makes it possible to present the struggles in a relatable way. At the same time, it clearly showcases the benefits of workflow improvement of the automation device.

Example #3 by Grow Animation Studios

Modjoul is another promising Startup that worked with us. Their innovative RFID solution improves the management of Inventory, Assets, and PPE requirements in a warehouse setting.

The main requirement was to showcase the functionality of their technology in a working environment. We proposed the Isometric Style, which is excellent for depicting interior divisions.
The Isometric Style makes it clear how workers interact with the technology.

In 60 seconds, an interested viewer can understand the benefits of this 3-part solution. At the same time, it teaches how the analytics platform provides data to drive management decisions. Due to the success of this video, we produced a second one promoting another product.

Ready to Get your Startup Explainer Video?

If you want to move forward in promoting your Startup, Grow Animation Studios is here to help. Just contact us via You can check our portfolio here. This page details how our animation services work.

We’re ready to produce an engaging and eye-catching animated explainer video. Our video animation services include storyboard illustration, script writing, professional voice-over, and sound design. We specialize in 2D animation and 3D Isometric Animation. You can see what past clients have to say about us here.

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