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We are a small Video Animation Studio based in Portugal specializing in business and educational animation. Over the past 8 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients.

Our clients’ records include big national companies such as the SuperBock Group and governmental bodies such as the Defense Ministry. On the international level, we’ve worked with companies of all sizes, including reputable NGOs such as Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

We always strive to produce engaging and eye-catching animated explainer videos. Our video animation services include storyboard illustration, script writing, professional voice-over, and sound design. We specialize in 2D animation and 3D Isometric Animation.


To get an idea of what we can do, you can watch the two video reels below. It is a compilation of clips from different videos we produced for different industries. The first video reel compiles SaaS Animation Videos we produced for various solutions. The second video reel compiles Isometric Videos we produced for industries such as construction, technology, and logistics.

While most of the videos shown above include animated characters we also produce videos more focused on Motion Graphics and Interface Animation. Below you can check our Motion Graphics Reel and UI Animation Reel. If you want to have a more detailed view of our public portfolio, you can check our full samples list. It includes examples from various industries and animation styles.


The general overview of our process is simple and can be briefly described in 4 points.

1. Pre Production

The first step is reviewing your files, such as the logo and branding guide, website, and script. If you don’t have a script, we’ll work with you to write a script that meets your goals.

2. Graphical Style and Voice References

Once the script is finalized, we’ll send you a graphical proposal for the video style and colors, adjusted to your brand identity. We’ll also share several voice samples for you to choose from.

3. Illustrated Storyboard

At this stage, you’ll receive the illustrated storyboard using the style decided previously. The storyboard is improved with your feedback until there is final approval.

4. Animation

Following everything decided before, the animation is produced and delivered. There is a new round of feedback, this time for the scenes’ animation. The changes are performed until there is final approval.

Reviews – Video Animation Studio

Below you can find reviews we’ve collected in the Clutch Platform. It is one of the most reputable review platforms where each review is verified by their team.


To give you an idea, our regular prices per minute range from $1250 to $1950. The specific cost depends on the animation style and project complexity. We also provide options to reduce the cost such as reducing the script, using some text-only scenes, and including video footage mixed with animation. To explain all the available options, we’ve created a post with all the options to reduce the explainer video cost.

You can also check a breakdown of our animation styles, it includes examples for each style. This is our full samples list.

Ready to Start with our Video Animation Studio?

If you want to know more or move forward with the production of an animated video, you can contact us using the form below. If you prefer, you can also send us an email to We can also schedule a call to discuss your needs in more detail before making any decision.

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