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Isometric Animation is a style that represents a 3D image on a 2-dimensional surface. It is also referred to as 2.5D. Its place lies between a 2D and 3D animation video. Thanks to its visual appeal, simplicity, and depth, it has become a popular graphic design trend. Isometric Animation combines the beauty of flat designs with the depth and dimension of 3D representations. This results in an attention-grabbing video.

A big advantage of Isometric Animation is showing multiple angles simultaneously. This is a helpful mechanism to present innovative products or devices and explain complex technology-related procedures clearly.

Construction Isometric Animation
Construction Isometric Animation Video – Grow Animation Studios

But there is more. In an Isometric Animation video, full 3D elements can be included. In this case, some elements rotate 360 degrees. During this movement, all sides are shown. This is a way to add extra flair to the video. Below you can find a video reel of Isometric Animation Videos. All are produced by Grow Animation Studios.

Isometric Animation Examples – Use Cases

Construction and Renovation Industry

Let’s start with animation videos related to the construction industry. They are an example of a perfect fit for this style. Isometric designs can provide multiple perspectives on a subject simultaneously. Thus allowing the representation of scale and depth.

This is important to explain concepts related to the construction industry. Construction videos benefit from a clear and detailed view of a whole building. It also works very well by beautifully incorporating various details. Examples are interior spaces, parks, or billboards.

Below you can find two examples from us, Grow Animation Studios. Check out how we brought some construction and renovation industry concepts to life. All thanks to the isometric animation style. You can also see its importance in effectively showing the house and office interior spaces.

This video was produced for a premium house renovation company. The Isometric perspective allows for presenting the construction site clearly, taking advantage of the multiple angles shown simultaneously. 

Technology Industry

There is another area where Isometric Animations are particularly useful. It is the technology and engineering industry.

Isometric animations allow the clear visualization of individual components in a machine. Additionally, they can show how that machine operates in a space. It is also useful for depicting processes and showing interfaces.

Isometric animations have a modern and futuristic look. Thus fitting perfectly with technology and engineering subjects. The result is a consistent and visually appealing look.

We produced many isometric animation videos in this category. You can find two examples below.

This video showcases a use case of RFID technology in equipment management. The Isometric perspective helps show how the workers use and manage the different equipment in a warehouse setting. It also allows showing how the devices cover the warehouse space. All this with a modern-looking visual that perfectly matches the innovative nature of the product.

Last Remarks

The benefits related to this animation style don’t stop here. Another factor plays in favor of isometric videos. The cost. Isometric videos have a much lower production cost compared to 3D videos. At the same time, they offer many of its visual advantages.

In summary, if you want to produce an animation video, this is a style you should consider. Especially for subjects related to construction, renovation, technology, or engineering.

Isometric Animation Agency

Grow Animation Studios is here to help you. Our price range for isometric videos is around $1000. Considering a 1-minute animation. You can find out more about us at:

You can find more details about our services here. Additionally, you can find information about the costs of producing animated explainer videos here.

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